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Easy Applique Romper

on February 20, 2012

I like taking things that are boring and everyday and making them a little different. If i was into bling id probably be a mad bedazzler. I got cheap plain coloured rompers with the intention of putting embroidery on them for my daughter. Unfortunately i woke up to the fact that it wasn’t going to happen after my daughter grew too big for them and they still hadn’t been done.
I found a cute owl fabric in my stash and decided to appliqué some onto the rompers.

It was easy to do and this is what you need

Fabric motif
Heat n bond
Needle n thread

I cut the heat n bond and ironed it onto my patterned fabric. Follow the instructions on the heat n bond packet!

Cut out the motif you want to use.remove backing paper then iron the motif onto your romper.

Depending on the heat n bond you can sew around the edge or leave it.



One response to “Easy Applique Romper

  1. xlalalalisax says:

    Such an easy but effective idea!

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