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Waiting for settlement and ready to move!

on April 6, 2012

What can I say. I have been slack this past month when it comes to blogging. I have had so much on my plate. Between trying to get my house to settlement, going back to work and packing up for the big move there has been little time to blog.

I am still waiting for my house to settle. I was hoping for the 4th of April but that dream has since passed. I asked for early access but the vendors haven’t accommodated that either. So I think we will be waiting for the 21st which is when the 42days is up. So cant wait to move.

I went back to work last month as well. I hadnt planned to go back til July but with the new house and some massive changes at work I figured I better go back so I can stay in the loop.I went back full time straight away. Its been hard not getting to stay home with Stephanie but the pay is good.

I have put most of my craft stuff in storage for a little while. Stephanie has started crawling and I would hate for her to get into any of my little nic nacs. They are safer stored elsewhere for the time being. I will get stuff out when I need it and put it back soon after. I’ll have a memory craft embroidery machine for sale soon. Keep an eye out for it cause you could snap up a bargain.

If you know of a good carpet cleaner in the Blacktown area leave a comment with their details Im looking for one to do our house!



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