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Handbag insert for DSLR

Last week i got given an old canon dslr. Its a good back up and I’ve been teaching my 13yo how to use it. She has a good eye for composition and likes to take photos on her mobile.
I have a large camera bag that holds all my gear. But if i just wanted to take the camera and a spare lens i used to wrap it in a scarf and hope that no one pulled it out and dropped my camera. I wanted something that would protect my camera as well as a second lens etc. There are some gorgeous camera handbags out there but they are way out of my price range. I was wanting something i could put into my handbag or nappy bag with all my other junk.
Last week i googled “dslr bag insert”. There were a lot of results. Some expensive, some ugly. There were a few tutorials so i took inspiration from them and made my own.
Here is the finished product


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Quick & easy white board

Went to the shops today to look for a cheap whiteboard for our kitchen shopping list.
Our local $2 shop didnt have any and i didnt want to pay $20 for a fancy office one with magnets.
As i looked around i mentally went over what we had at home. There was a cheap light ikea frame with nothing in it. So i gave up looking and decided to make some instead. I picked up white board markers for $2.50 and went home.
Ive seen a few handmade ones done up beautifully with gorgeous papers and lettering. Mine is nowhere near as gorgeous but it took two minutes and is doing the trick. Im going to redo the background at some point so it is gorgeous but for now this will serve the purpose. Its just an a3 sheet with the days and the words shopping list on it. As they use stuff the kids can write it on the list.
Hopefully you get inspired to make your own but much better!
x T


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