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Handbag insert for DSLR

Last week i got given an old canon dslr. Its a good back up and I’ve been teaching my 13yo how to use it. She has a good eye for composition and likes to take photos on her mobile.
I have a large camera bag that holds all my gear. But if i just wanted to take the camera and a spare lens i used to wrap it in a scarf and hope that no one pulled it out and dropped my camera. I wanted something that would protect my camera as well as a second lens etc. There are some gorgeous camera handbags out there but they are way out of my price range. I was wanting something i could put into my handbag or nappy bag with all my other junk.
Last week i googled “dslr bag insert”. There were a lot of results. Some expensive, some ugly. There were a few tutorials so i took inspiration from them and made my own.
Here is the finished product


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Quick & easy white board

Went to the shops today to look for a cheap whiteboard for our kitchen shopping list.
Our local $2 shop didnt have any and i didnt want to pay $20 for a fancy office one with magnets.
As i looked around i mentally went over what we had at home. There was a cheap light ikea frame with nothing in it. So i gave up looking and decided to make some instead. I picked up white board markers for $2.50 and went home.
Ive seen a few handmade ones done up beautifully with gorgeous papers and lettering. Mine is nowhere near as gorgeous but it took two minutes and is doing the trick. Im going to redo the background at some point so it is gorgeous but for now this will serve the purpose. Its just an a3 sheet with the days and the words shopping list on it. As they use stuff the kids can write it on the list.
Hopefully you get inspired to make your own but much better!
x T


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Adventurous? Why not try making this Tricycle Nappy Cake

I love Nappy Cakes. I think they are a great shower or baby gift. If you want to give a gift that is different and will be used by the parents then it’s the way to go.

Here is a more adventurous cake that you could make. Change the colours for a boy, girl or surprise baby. Im going to make it one day and I will update this post with the photos

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Easy Applique Romper

I like taking things that are boring and everyday and making them a little different. If i was into bling id probably be a mad bedazzler. I got cheap plain coloured rompers with the intention of putting embroidery on them for my daughter. Unfortunately i woke up to the fact that it wasn’t going to happen after my daughter grew too big for them and they still hadn’t been done.
I found a cute owl fabric in my stash and decided to appliqué some onto the rompers.

It was easy to do and this is what you need

Fabric motif
Heat n bond
Needle n thread

I cut the heat n bond and ironed it onto my patterned fabric. Follow the instructions on the heat n bond packet!

Cut out the motif you want to use.remove backing paper then iron the motif onto your romper.

Depending on the heat n bond you can sew around the edge or leave it.


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Simple Gifts – Personalised chocolate bars

Today is Valentines. Its my first one as a wife. I failed to find the perfect gift for my husband(long story) but i found a cute one for my daughters.
I always remember them at Valentines. Kids have the most unconditional love and i like to show them appreciation for that.
This year i bought the usual chocolates but i personalised them by wrapping them in foil and making custom wrappers.

I measured the bars and made my own wrappers. I printed them at home
I wrapped my bars with foil so they couldn’t tell what type of chocolate it was. I ❤ cadbury.
I lined up the text so the words showed in the right spot
Secured the wrapper with double sided tape.
Viola! Personalised chocolate bars!






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Fabric covered wipes case

I like to try various craft ideas out and thought it would be cool to have a wipes case that was different from everyone else’s.
I saw a woman selling them on facebook but she was in america and shipping would be more than the case.
So i googled it and found a youtube video showing how to make them. Id link to it but i cant remember who made it.
Here is a photo of one i made for a friend recently.



I found the youtube video. Here it is

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How to Make a T-shirt Canvas

I love souvenirs, especially t-shirts. But eventually the kids grow out of them, they get wrecked in some way or the kids just dont wear them. Turn them into a cool piece of wall art for your kids bedroom or lounge. This is how I did it and you could do it with any tshirt or printed fabric

What you need

1 t-shirt

1 canvas

Gun stapler



Masking tape

Hanging hardware (I used a pipe cleaner)

1. Take your t shirt and cut around the graphic so the square is slightly larger than your canvas. The fabric will stretch but you need to have enough to wrap around the frame.

2. Staple the fabric onto the frame. Start with the 4 corners and make sure that the fabric is smooth on the front. You dont want to start on one side and end up with it all crooked.

3. Once your fabric is secured to the frame tidy up the back with some masking tape or paper tape. This will neaten up the back and help secure the fabric.

4. Attach your hanging hardware. My frame was very light so I stapled a pipe cleaner to the back and knotted the ends so they dont slip off.

5. This is what the finished product looks like.

6. Here it is hanging on the wall.

Picture instructions for how to make a t-shirt canvas

The process in Pictures

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Souvenir T-shirt Canvas

It had always been my dream to circumnavigate the globe. I was blessed enough to do it with my 2 older daughters Sum & Kanga in 2010. While travelling the easiest souvenirs to get seemed to be tshirts. Kids are always growing and they soon were too small to fit. Instead of throwing away the tshirts I held onto them hoping they would one day come in handy. Maybe to make a pillow or something cool that would remind us of our trip.

While shopping one day I came across some canvases on sale. They were square in shape and I thought hey these would be cool to paint and never got around to actually painting them. While going through my stash I found one of the tshirts and mounted it onto one of the canvases. I quite like it and it now hangs on my daughters wall. What do you think?

The tutorial on how to make it will be published here

Tshirt mounted on canvas

Souvenir Tshirt from Las Vegas

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