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Im moving to St Clair and I found out that they have a great neighbourhood centre. I cant wait till we get to the new place! Here is their blog post for March!

St Clair Youth and Neighbourhood Team

Another year is upon us and March will see the SCYNT team at full throttle. We have been busy planning a number of events for our community.

To kick off March, International Womans Day will be held at St Marys Corner, Cnr Great Western Highway and Mamre Rd, St Marys (parking entry vis Swanston Road) on the 8th March 2012, commencing at 9:00am. Woman can create a sculputre and share their life stories.

In partnership with Penrith City Council, pet lovers will be given a chance to have their four legged friends microchipped for FREE at Autumnleaf Neighbourhood Centre, 1 Autumnleaf Parade St Clair on the 15th March 2012, between 10:00am and 2:00pm. You will be able to speak to a vet, animal trainer and council companion animal officers.

For older members of our community, why not come along and celebrate Seniors Week with us. This event has been running in our…

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How to make Nappy Cakes

One of the things I love to make are nappy cakes. I started making them for mates who had new babies and then got asked to do them for others. I learned from youtube videos and I’d recommend them as gifts. Who doesn’t want a gift packed full of baby necessities? Everyone who receives them have loved them. If you cant get one from me why not make one your self.

Here is one of the videos that I learnt from

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Waiting for settlement and ready to move!

What can I say. I have been slack this past month when it comes to blogging. I have had so much on my plate. Between trying to get my house to settlement, going back to work and packing up for the big move there has been little time to blog.

I am still waiting for my house to settle. I was hoping for the 4th of April but that dream has since passed. I asked for early access but the vendors haven’t accommodated that either. So I think we will be waiting for the 21st which is when the 42days is up. So cant wait to move.

I went back to work last month as well. I hadnt planned to go back til July but with the new house and some massive changes at work I figured I better go back so I can stay in the loop.I went back full time straight away. Its been hard not getting to stay home with Stephanie but the pay is good.

I have put most of my craft stuff in storage for a little while. Stephanie has started crawling and I would hate for her to get into any of my little nic nacs. They are safer stored elsewhere for the time being. I will get stuff out when I need it and put it back soon after. I’ll have a memory craft embroidery machine for sale soon. Keep an eye out for it cause you could snap up a bargain.

If you know of a good carpet cleaner in the Blacktown area leave a comment with their details Im looking for one to do our house!


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Where does the time go? Buyin a house and heading back to work!

Wow! The last few weeks have been hectic trying to buy a house. Getting finance, organising inspections, arranging an exchange of contract and going back to work.

Today was my first day back on the job. I wont reveal what I actually do as my job expects its employees to refrain from publicly admitting they work there. LOL . In the cyber world any way. (Something negative you say about your day may adversely affect the image of the organisation. ) Anyway after nearly 10months on maternity leave I am back working. Gotta make those mortgage payments.

When I bought the first house It was brand new, not yet out of Land Titles and we moved in under contract before the property actually had a title to exchange. There was no cooling off etc to worry about because we werent in any rush due to the bureaucratic processes being so slow.

This time it seems like we are on a time constraint. The contracts have taken forever to be exchanged, the Bank valuer hasnt filed his report straight away and everything seems to be taking forever. Maybe its because Im so keen to move in that it seems like its taking forever. Hopefully the next few weeks will go by quickly and I will be into my new home.


In the meantime Im sorting through 5yrs of accumulated junk. Anyone want to do it for me?

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Create an eCommerce Website with WordPress in under 5 minutes

I have just started looking into web design etc. Building my own and making some for friends has been an eye opening process. Check out this great video – How to create an ecommerce site in 5mins

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mOnkEy buG coUtuRe giGantIc 1000 liker win it for a dollar sale! Facebook

Our Entry into the Monkey bug couture sale

We have offered a Towel embroidered with the name of your choice

I have an embroidered towel up for grabs in the mOnkEy buG coUtuRe giGantIc 1000 liker win it for a dollar sale! Im hoping it will bring me some new likers.

I have a Facebook page for Tes Tiny Twinkles. At the time of writing this I have 98 likers. Its been my project page really. I post photos of my latest project. Despite being a photographer the photos I post there are usually mobile phone snaps. I think Im so excited about finishing my projects I just take a quick phone pic and then Im off to give it to the lucky recipient.

I started the page because I make custom made  nappy cakes and wanted to sell them through my Facebook page. Most of my business has come through word of mouth. I cant say I have promoted the page to anyone other than friends. I guess it was a confidence thing. I was afraid other people might tell me they thought I was doing a dumb thing. I dunno but I have decided to get it out there and see if I can make some money come in. Staying at home with the baby has definitely made a difference to our financial position. But I wouldn’t have it any other way because the first year is so important.

I would love it if you came and liked my page at www.facebook.com/testinytwinkles . I will be posting more things up soon. I just have to bite the bullet and put myself out there 🙂

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Hello world!

Welcome to the blog for Te’s Tiny Twinkles.

Im a mum to 3 gorgeous girls aged 12, 11 & 6mths. This is where I’ll be blogging about the things I make, how to make them yourself and links to some of the great sites ive used for inspiration.

Im new to this so bear with me as I get it up and running 🙂

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