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Handbag insert for DSLR

Last week i got given an old canon dslr. Its a good back up and I’ve been teaching my 13yo how to use it. She has a good eye for composition and likes to take photos on her mobile.
I have a large camera bag that holds all my gear. But if i just wanted to take the camera and a spare lens i used to wrap it in a scarf and hope that no one pulled it out and dropped my camera. I wanted something that would protect my camera as well as a second lens etc. There are some gorgeous camera handbags out there but they are way out of my price range. I was wanting something i could put into my handbag or nappy bag with all my other junk.
Last week i googled “dslr bag insert”. There were a lot of results. Some expensive, some ugly. There were a few tutorials so i took inspiration from them and made my own.
Here is the finished product


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Web Design – Say Monkey Photography

I run a business called Say Monkey Photography with my cousin Leah. We’ve been running since 2009. She was doing Weddings before then and I was doing a lot of portraits. I approached her about starting a business together and as they say the rest is history.

I strongly believe that in order to succeed every business should have some form of online presence. So I jumped online to see how we could get a website etc. As we are both mums with growing kids we didnt want to spend too much on start up. After looking around I decided to give web design a go myself. The first one was a template job on Yola. It was free I didnt have to know anything and it took about 30 mins to set up. It was free and it looked it. But it gave people somewhere to get out contact details and look at our work.

The second site was one I designed shortly after getting my Macbook. I have to say I seriously love Mac. He’s been good to me as far as reliability and ease of use is concerned. I say that as I write this post on my windows laptop :P. The second site was miles better than the first. I was proud of it and it looked far more polished than the original venture by far. I was a steep learning curve as the iweb application wouldnt transfer the files to my server properly. It was only sending images of the files not the actual files meaning my site wouldnt load properly. Eventually I ended up manually uploading the lot! Yes I know there are applications for that,  now I do anyway. I had invested in a website, hosting and gotten the job done.

Say Monkey Photography Homepage Screenshot

The 3rd website i designed for Say Monkey Photography

Sometimes thing get old and I realised we needed some new content and design to freshen things up. The website was displaying prices from 2 years ago and just didnt seem as good any more. So I spent a week redesigning and creating a new site. I kept the original homepage image as I wanted it to look familiar to those who had already used the site.  I iweb for this one and I have just uploaded the  website I designed. There are a few things I need to add but with the knowledge ive gained through searching the web, reading blogs etc its way easier now.

So here is a screenshot of the homepage. I really like how it came out. I have used the same background file on my photomerchant page.


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