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Moving house! Hopefully soon…

My husband and I are in the process of buying a house. We decided that as my mum was moving in with us the current house wasnt gonna be big enough and we had to find somewhere larger. We hadnt been looking for long when we found something that ticked the boxes. Plenty of rooms for everyone, space for our two boxers and a granny flat for my mum.

Hopefully we will be moving in 6 weeks. In the meantime I will be looking for great ways to decorate on the cheap, furnish the kids bedroom and make the new place our home as well as great ways for organising the packing process.

Wish me luck I think it will be a hectic few weeks coming up.

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Souvenir T-shirt Canvas

It had always been my dream to circumnavigate the globe. I was blessed enough to do it with my 2 older daughters Sum & Kanga in 2010. While travelling the easiest souvenirs to get seemed to be tshirts. Kids are always growing and they soon were too small to fit. Instead of throwing away the tshirts I held onto them hoping they would one day come in handy. Maybe to make a pillow or something cool that would remind us of our trip.

While shopping one day I came across some canvases on sale. They were square in shape and I thought hey these would be cool to paint and never got around to actually painting them. While going through my stash I found one of the tshirts and mounted it onto one of the canvases. I quite like it and it now hangs on my daughters wall. What do you think?

The tutorial on how to make it will be published here

Tshirt mounted on canvas

Souvenir Tshirt from Las Vegas

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